“A Report from Group 17” by Robert C. O’Brien- (Audio)

A Report From Group 17 is a novel by Robert C. O’Brien. The audio files on this page are part of my personal narration of the title. A Report From Group 17 is out of copyright and this recording is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Introduction and Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX

From the book jacket:
The Russian Government has asked the U.S. State Dept. to approve the purchase of Wellington, a 27.5 acre estate at Ferry Point…about five miles upriver from Mount Vernon. A Russian suburban estate would correspond to the dacha maintained by the American Embassy sixteen miles from Moscow.”

The Washington Post

There were several things about the tight little community of Russians installed at Villa Petrograd that were disturbing: the sophisticated microbiological equipment, the private zoo that seemed to be unusually well supplied with primate specimens, the secrecy. But everyone knows the Russians are great animal watchers. Downstream from the Villa the city of Washington taps the Potomac for drinking water. Still, probably nothing to it.

Robert C. O’Brien’s exciting new novel, A Report from Group 17, takes the reader on a fantastical trip worthy of Ray Bradbury and Michael Crichton – into the intricacies of the world of DNA manipulation, gene mechanics, and the larger implications of biological warfare, espionage and counterespionage.

The hero is Fergus O’Neil, a brilliant virologist; his opposite, Helmuth Schutz, is a former Nazi scientist whose talents have no been commandeered by the Russians. The scene is Washington; the tension is extraordinary. A fast-paced tale of intrigue, science, and suspense.”

The back cover of the book.

This book was published in 1971 by Athenium books, New York, NY. It is out of copyright (the only Robert C. O’Brien book to go out of print). It can be found through used booksellers. The Library of Congress catalog number is 76-175291.

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