A Report from Group 17 – Seeking Input on a New Project

Dis is Kitten, my friend’s well-read and very photogenic cat.

So, in light of everything going on, and inspired by Levar Burton and others doing readings during these difficult times, I thought I would try my hand at recording a reading of Robert C. O’Brien’s A Report from Group 17.

Now, mind you, I’m no great voice actress, but I do hope you’ll enjoy it, AND, if you are so inclined, help me with a quick vote.

This book is not a children’s book, it’s for adults, and I’m not famous…. SO I was thinking of doing audio only. I doubt anyone wants to look at my everyday mug 🙂

Also, I was thinking of releasing in chapters along the way….

NOTE: This book is out of copyright, and I am NOT making any money off of this reading.

Does anyone have any input or ideas? They’d be greatly appreciated!

Arahshiel “I dedicated seven years of my life and a thesis to Robert Conly (Robert C. O’Brien)” Silver

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